8 Ağustos 2010 Pazar

eleanor rigby

Ah,look at all the lonely people.fuck the love, love the fucking.Thats what people are keep saying to us coz u will only get hurt when you love someone,thats the way we ve been told.If you look back im sure you ll say "thats f.ckinkg right,i loved some,but it didnt last long so i ve been hurt" but thats not the deal.People say one has to be stupid to belive in happily ever afters, well there are billions of people living in this fcking planet, so i think one has to be out of his motherfcking mind "not to belive in happily ever afters".I know that none of us have found the right one yet,but c'mon im talking about billions here,you really think you re ment to be alone .)


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